Tuesday, 3 June 2014

first day reflection

I find this project to be very interesting. Beforehand i was into photoshopping and graphic designing. I would say i am a good drawer thus it was pretty okay for me to catch up with. I thought Photoshop was just a simple software that enable you to combine photos. make a bit of changes and so on. But today i learnt that Photoshop, is almost infinite. i learnt to use different variety of tools and ways to approach problems in an easier methods. I also learnt  to make use of "masks" "layers" "clipping" and many other such flitering and so on. overall i enjoyed this project very much and it enabled me to futher enrich my art, design and photo skills.

1st day, 
Took a picture in Green Screen Studio and have my photo taken.
Briefing on some of the photoshop concept and ideas
started on the project .

2nd day,
Touch up on the final projects and some minor changes and improvement.
Review on everyone's projects and feedback on how we can improve them.
I learnt that getting an opnion from others is important. Not just because u can get their ideas but also their point of view ( audience point of view ) Like Pro. Martin said when u are do something and u are looking at the same thing by yourself for a long time. we tend to miss s

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