Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Post Activity Reflections [sean]

How do I feel about today's activities 
This was one of the most enjoyable school projects/camps I've ever had the opportunity in participating in and I've really learned a lot in an area that I've always been interested and love and enjoy.

From masking to creating shadows and god rays, I'm in awe of Prof. Martin who I'm sure is a modern day wizard in disguise. 

Thank you SST for giving me this opporunity to learn photoshop in a very fun and handson manner and these skills definetly go a long way in poster design for ISS etc, for future jobs when creating brochures or just for fun :D

What did you do today ?
1st day:
We visited the green screen room where we were tasked with taking a picture and editing it later, where we are potrayed either flying or as a superhero. I chose flying and after taking our picture we headed back to the workroom to work  on the picture.

2nd Day- Touched up the picture and made final edits.

What did I learn through all the days ?
I learned how to manipulate photos using software like photoshop.
This consists of many areas, ranging from masking, clipping, creating shadows and so many more.
In addition, I sort-of know and have a rough idea of how a green screen room works and what happens behind the scenes of a photoshoot which was REALLY interesting.


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